Be a part of a Burning Man art project:
Help Fund the Emerald Portal and Quasar Wave Transducer for
Burning Man 2006

If you experienced the 11:11 Diamond Portal at Burning Man 2004 -'05 and want to help make this new project possible,
or if you are interested in facilitating an experience incorporating sacred geometry, heart chakra energetics and
nonlinear dynamic sound vibrations to activate the vibrational shift, please help fund this project!
It is estimated to cost at least $20,000 to build and transport to Burning Man.
Click here to see the framing model.

Mail checks or money orders to:
Harlan Emil Gruber
1008 S. Pueblo #286
Taos, NM 87571

or use Paypal:

The following is one of the many emails I've received about the Diamond Portal that was at Burning Man 2004 & 2005:

Hi Harlan,
I'm a big fan of your work on the playa this year. I discovered the 11:11 Diamond Portal at just the right time when I needed to most. I was in the depths of a dark trip on the playa where the world of Sodom and Gomorrah was being repeated and the existance of the Diamond Portal allowed me the hope of ascension from it all. There's much more to the story of course but what I mean to say is that your project helped me find my way out of it with that glimmer of hope for those of us watching this civilization slowly become something out of a Philip K. Dick novel.
Peace, Robin cosmicelf(at)

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The Emerald Portal is inspired by Richard Leviton’s 2004 book “The Emerald Modem: A User’s Guide to Earth’s Interactive Energy Body”
This definition is derived from the book:
“When the love in you meets the love in someone else, then the Emerald awakens.
The Cube of Space is a cosmic jewel: a six sided, double terminated lovely green Emerald bigger than the entire planet and placed around it as a kind of master energy field.
The Emerald is also the Heart within the Heart, midway between the outer and inner heart chakras in the human. It is the place where the “Ultimate Divine” resides in each human. It is pure consciousness beyond space and time, transcending the Mind. Picture a double-terminated, two-inch-long crystal positioned vertically, at the right side of the sternum and you give yourself access to this arcane Heart.
The Cube of Space is the totality of the earth’s geomantic body; we carry it within us as the Emerald, and this same Emerald or Cube of Space is the structure of reality.”


The space and environment provided by this sculpture will facilitate a wide range of participation and interaction. The intent of this sculpture is to catalyze a personal connection to the Emerald within the participant’s heart chakra and to facilitate a connection between participants and to the Earth and Galaxy’s energy bodies. The piece relates directly to this year’s theme, by creating hope for the future, and it relates very well to the overall Burning Man aesthetic of community participation. I see Burning Man as a futuristic temporary experimental community that provides a venue for the creation of work that is focused on exploring humanity’s relations to itself, the Earth and the universe; the very concepts that the Emerald Portal’s purpose embodies.


The Emerald Portal sculpture is based on the same concepts and construction techniques as the very successful Diamond Portal sculpture of 2004-05. The Emerald Portal will be a cube 16 feet on edge, corner up and truncated at its lower three vertices, built out of wood and painted the same heart chakra inspired green as the Diamond Portal. There will be access to the interior, via three square openings, where seating will be incorporated in the corners and around the base of the central maroon colored semi-cubo-octahedron chamber. The upper hexagonal level also has three square openings to the outside, implying the top half of the central cubo-octahedron, and seating provided by a central tetrahedron shaped cushion. Access to this level is by ladders at the three lower entrances. The Quasar Wave Transducer, a sub-sonic non-linear dynamic analog feedback device that vibrates and resonates with the entire piece, the participants and the earth, will be housed within the central chamber, along with the batteries to power it. Six solar panels, mounted three each on the east and west faces, will recharge the batteries. Lighting at night will be both on the exterior faces and interior. It shall be located on the Playa at 12:12 at a point the golden ratio between the Man and the Temple. If the Temple is at 2100', the Portal would be at 800' (see diagram). It will be built in easily transportable and assembled sections. It is not intended to be burned, and can be easily disassembled and re-installed in locations post-Playa. It would most likely return to Burning Man in 2007.

Harlan Emil Gruber

Emerald Portal 2006