Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV
Aug. 25 - Sept. 1, 2008
Sapphire Portal, Emerald Portal, Quasar Wave Transducers, Emerald Portal Outline

The Sapphire Portal's outer wall was stored over the winter near the Playa and the whole Sapphire Portal returned for a second year, along with both the Emerald Portals, which had been in storage for 2 years. You can see the Sapphire Portal in the far distance of the third Emerald Portal photo. I invited Jonah Kai, who I met at Lightening in a Bottle in the spring, to do three Galactivation Sound Healing ceremonies in the Sapphire Portal on two sunsets and the last sunrise. A section of the outer wall was opened on some of the sunrises, as well. The last Sun. night a huge windstorm destroyed the outer wall and it was donated for scrp wood.