1:11 Sapphire Portal

The Sapphire Portal was inspired by concepts in The Emerald Modem: A Users Guide to the Earth's Interactive Energy Body (2004). Author Richard Leviton describes etheric "blue dishes" under all sacred sites that collect subtle cosmic energies and distribute them into the earth and atmosphere. For Burning Man 2007 I designed a sky blue dish 61 feet in diameter and 9 1/2 feet high with sky blue carpet to physically manifest this idea while providing an environment of floating in the sky. In the center are three geometric forms that embody Leviton's concept of an aspect of the Earth's energy body evolving from its current dodecahedron form to an icosidodecahedron. I built a half dodecahedron that houses the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture and a half icosidodecahedron steel frame covered in stainless steel mirror triangles. These two shapes are shaded by a half icosahedron steel frame covered in aluminet shade cloth so that one may experience these shapes both day and night.
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Current TV made this video on it:

The following are photos of construction in Taos, NM and at Burning Man:

Framing hidden DJ booth

DJ booth finished

Icosidodecahedron frame

Dodecahedron construction

Painting nearly 100 4x10 panels

Dodecahedron painted and section that opens on wheels

Entire project loaded in first 10 feet of the truck

Dodecahedron on van

View from Steampunk Treehouse showing how distant it was.

Kate Lesta did the work of an entire crew of people
Thanks to Doug Kaufman (left) and Zev and Gadi of Wolf+Lamb (right) for making this project possible.
The Sapphire Portal Center in Taos after Burning Man as part of a of New Mexico Arts State funded
art in public places program exhibition: TIME (Temporary installations Made for the Environment) Taos



View this while imagining that you are sitting where the camera operator is,
in the center of the Portal with your back against the central red dodecahedron
vibrating with the low frequency Quasar Wave Transducer sound,
looking up and around at the surrounding icosidodecahedron mirrors.