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Sapphire Portal
Burning Man 2007

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The following are views of the scale model:

The Sapphire Portal is an evolutionary interface that will provide an environment for personal and planetary transformation. All that will be seen upon approaching it at 1:11 in the deep playa is a 10 foot high sky blue cylindrical wall 60 feet in diameter with one 5 foot high, 4 foot wide entry to the inside facing the sunrise. Once inside, the sloping interior face of the sky blue wall will block the horizon, and a sky blue floor covering will complete the effect of floating in the sky. Several large white cloud cushions will be scattered about for seating. In the center are three nested geometric shapes based on the Earth’s evolving energetic pattern. The center most is a half dodecahedron three feet high painted maroon that houses the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture that produces low frequency vibrations in the range of brain waves and earth resonance. Surrounding that is a steel frame of a half icosidodecahedron with the 4 foot triangular faces covered in stainless steel mirror. The outermost shape is a half icosahedron with the top covered in aluminet shade cloth. Lighting at night is provided by blue LEDs around the edge of the wall and around the icosahedron shade structure. With the rising sun a section of the Portal opens up making a pathway to connect to the vastness of the playa, and the Portal's place within it.

The Sapphire Portal is inspired by the same book that inspired the Emerald Portal (created for Burning Man in 2006): The Emerald Modem: A Users Guide to the Earth’s Interactive Energy Body by Richard Leviton. In it he describes a large blue dish as an energetic feature of the earth’s sacred sites:
Originally most of the Earth’s major holy sites had a feature I call Blue Dishes under them….A Blue Dish is a flattened parabolic dish made of light and placed like a tea saucer under the “cups” of sacred sites. The idea was that the angelic world sent down high consciousness and light vibrations…humans grounded it, and it was collected in the Blue Dishes….Just as the angelic light could permeate the entire Earth…it could also be reflected back to permeate the entirety of the atmospheric space or volume. This regular circulation of angelic light and energies through the sky grid helped to regulate not only the planet’s weather, both globally and locally, but the quality and mobility of humanity’s thoughts and their reciprocal effects on atmospheric conditions. (pg.182-3) 
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The Sapphire Portal Pendant is 1 1/8' diameter by 3/16" thick cast in either sterling silver or white pewter. A half icosidodecahedron is at the center of a concave dish. These pendants are symbols of evolutionary transformation that can be worn, carried or placed on altars.
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Click on photo of Diamond Portal Pendants to go to page to purchase them as well, to help support this project. They're only $11.11 each and make great gifts as well being symbols of evolutionary transformation.


Daniel Pinchbeck, author 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl writes:

Harlan Emil Gruber's sculptures at Burning Man have been an underground favorite over the last few years. Combining sound installation with geometric form, they have offered a beautifully multidimensional experience to visitors who often spend hours lounging on the sculpture's platform, bathing in the aural frequencies from his unique Quasar Wave Transducer. While much of the art at Burning Man tends toward camp or pop surrealism, Harlan’s work references Sol Lewitt and other minimalists, as well as the history of sound installations, and a bit of the monolith in 2001. For 2007, Harlan plans to scale up from previous years, offering a lesson on inter-nested geometries in his ambitious Sapphire Portal, which is sure to be a humming crowd-pleaser out in the deep playa.
In my book, 2012, I explored the possibility of a global shift in consciousness. Gruber's piece represents a valiant effort to capture that evolution in its melding of science, sacred geometries, and ambient sounds. Such creative dedication and ambition deserves to be supported and rewarded generously.


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