Taosyty: A village adjacent to Hushville and Alternative Energy Zone (AEZ).

We are a group from Taos, New Mexico that has been coming to Burning Man since 1998. In 2001,when Hushville was begun, we thought we would camp there. Instead we ended up across the street from them. We did the same in 2002. We have also relied on solar power for electricity to light our camp, and we have generally covered and included all of our vehicles into the camp. For 2003 we would like to surround our camp with like minded Burners, making a small village with a central plaza area and an access path through it. The only requirements for camping there are: no generators, no large sound systems, and that vehicles be covered or disguised so as to avoid the "camping in a parking lot" feel. Alternative energy sources are optional. Space will be available on a first come, first served basis, unless you reserve a space in advance by contacting us and letting us know your space requirements and date of arrival. The name Taosyty comes from combining Taos, the name of the town in northern New Mexico where we live, with the word "syty", which is an abbreviation of synergetic city.